Affordable; requires no special equipment. No poles, no struts,

no tracks. Flies from your existing winches.

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• Flies entirely from the deck, not the mast
• No spinout, no broaching. No heeling, no rudder stall
• Flies at altitude, well above the masthead
• Smoother, stronger wind
20-30% stronger wind = 45-70% more power
Traction kites can’t be blanketed by competition, ocean waves
• Single-surface kite has no inflatable
chambers, no battens, no interior structure
• Flies in lighter wind than other kites
Inexpensive to maintain and repair
Easy to launch, fly and recover
• Super quick launch/douse. Flies on long or short lines
• OutLeaders™ were specifically designed for
match racing. They’re good in close quarters!
• Can be launched from deck alone–
mast not required
• Excellent for power boats
Full size jury rig after dismasting
• Short hoist, no spin pole needed
• Easy to fly oversized–even grossly
oversized–downwind sails
• Accelerates and flies independent of the hull

• Massive power available:
Power gybing
Pull the boat up on plane
Surf or plane longer.