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Mating wind-powered solutions to engineering challenges since 1978. From speed sailing records to remote logging and stone-moving - from elevated yacht-racing sails to practical Mars exploration - if
multi-megawatt tractive power from virtual skyhooks can solve your problem, KiteShip is there to help.

From The Gallery

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Pocket Maxi AAPT with world-record 4,500 sf OutLeader kite
Pocket Maxi AAPT with world-record 4,500 sf OutLeader kite
Oracle BMW Racing's US-71 on the Hauraki Gulf, December 2002.
Latitude 38 reports on KiteShip's flying 3000 sf OutLeader on Flash.
Boat speed 8-9 with true at 12!
120meters on 37' Maxim Cat-Narragansett Bay.
Is that beautiful or what?
120meter kite outside Narragansett Bay.
Blazing past the field, Rolex Race Week in Narragansett Bay.
KiteShip burgee.
Dave Culp, KiteShip founder.

OutLeader Kites - Spinaker Replacement Sails

Pleasure Marine

KiteShip has been an innovator in pleasure marine and yachting since 1978. We designed and built tethered wing powered speedsailing yachts for Weymouth and other Speed Sailing events throughout the 1980's. We consulted for the first kitesurfing inventors. We innovated with technologies as diverse as water launchable inflated leading edge kites (1978), bi-directional kite boards (1982) and rule-legal spinnaker replacement kites (2001) years before most of today's participants saw their potentials.

We're working on technologies which remain undiscovered today such as lighter-than-air kites (1982 onwards), kite winches and control systems (1980 onwards) and large kite launching systems and technology which are waiting their turn to enter mainstream yachting.

KiteShip brought the OutLeader rule-legal spinnaker replacement kite to worldwide yachting in 2002. No other free-flying sail of any kind is currently rule-legal to replace your spinnaker for racing, without alteration. More importantly, no other sail of any kind can add more raw power or simpler handling and control to your sailing experience. KiteShip offers the world's first and only performance-based sail guarantee. Our kites make your boat faster or we will buy back the kite. We have distributors throughout the world, ready to demonstrate the product on your boat, to your schedule. We have put dozens of these exciting sails aboard boats from 24 foot racing trimarans and day-sailing yachts to 75 foot ocean racers and offshore powerboats in sizes from 30 to 420 sq meters.

Need more information or would like to purchase an OutLeader Spinnaker Replacement Sail? Go to