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Mating wind-powered solutions to engineering challenges since 1978. From speed sailing records to remote logging and stone-moving - from elevated yacht-racing sails to practical Mars exploration - if
multi-megawatt tractive power from virtual skyhooks can solve your problem, KiteShip is there to help.


Sep 21, 07

 New Wind Power Tech Could Change Cargo Shipping - KiteShip Making Breakthroughs By: Terry McSweeney SAN FRANCISCO, Sep. 21, 2007 (KGO) - An East Bay company is hoping to harness wind power in a...

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Apr 19, 07

 EU to Add Ships' Emissions to Trading Scheme - The European Commission confirmed this week that it will propose bringing CO2 emissions from ships into the European Union's emissions trading...

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Dec 12, 06

 Sailing an Oil Tanker; NYT Magazine - KiteShip is featured in the New York Times Magazines "6th Annual Year in Ideas" in their Dec 10, 2006 issue. The article is available...

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OutLeader Kites - Spinaker Replacement Sails


KiteShip - energy solutions for commercial vessels KiteShip Corporation builds wind power for ships. And for yachts, transoceanic deliveries and support craft. And for Aerospace and industrial - any application where large amounts of controlled, inexpensive power from in situ wind energy is needed.

We are a group of forward-thinking sailors, designers and visionaries. We've been using the fundamental advantages of traction kites for three decades. Our goal is to bring this technology to the world. KiteShip holds multiple world records and patents for our products and accomplishments.

Our Mission

KiteShip Solar Sail KiteShip develops and markets Very Large Free Flying Sails (VLFFS) and control systems, technology and techniques for launching, controlling and recovering same aboard boats, ships, industrial and aerospace applications. Such craft may include pleasure and racing yachts, small and large commercial vessel builds and refits, life and vessel saving devices, research and commercial vessels and aerospace / industrial applications both inshore and at sea.

Company Info

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